Clinton Corruption Will Rule America

Among the many empty-headed, vapid, nonsensical, feel-good bull shit catch phrases the Democrats excel at, Hillary's 'when they go low, you go high!' has to be among the worst.

Besides the stupid lame attempt at trying to show character where there is none, her delivery is not believable. Humans are good at sensing, if they pay close attention, bull shit and this is a pretty clear cut case. Every time she tries to play the role of the compassionate liberal  progressive she comes off stiff and wooden; almost like she doesn't believe a single word she says. Which, I guess, she doesn't and is the point of my post.

How does she put that stupid phrase into practice? When CNN contributor and Democrat shill Donna Brazile handed Hillary's campaign questions as revealed by Wikileaks (thank God the truth comes out somehow. Which only goes to show people do care), Hillary had a choice - just like she had a choice in setting up an unsecured private server. She could turn away the questions and make a point her administration was not going to stand for it (never mind how pathetic do you have to be if you can't answer questions after being in politics for over 30 years. Talk about wasting your time) or she could just take the questions and use it to her advantage.

This being Hillary Clinton who is always on the look out for #1 she opted to take the questions.

Classic do as I say since she took a low offer and went low along with it.

No one made her do it. Not the Russians. Not Julian Assange. Not Donald Trump.

She, as her own moral agent, chose it. She knew better, of course, but she chose to ignore that.

And don't be mistaken. This is the rule with Hillary.

She has no integrity. No moral compass. No intellectual frame of mind.

If elected, she will look down on the deplorables - including those who voted for her - Hillary will make sure Clinton Inc. will be fed first.

This much is obvious.

Vote for her, you vote for more decrepit moral decay.

Do you really want to play a part in that?


Know what else is grating? The fact Bill Clinton doesn't have the class or decency to back off. I fully expect this kind of behaviour from Obama as well once he leaves office. Worse, watching women clamour to get a picture with him. Do people realize what this man has done to women?


  1. Trump is just as much an elitist as the Clintons and as much a misogynist as Bill Clinton himself.

    And also vying for the position of "official top banana" of a country with harsh broad-based "sex offender" laws with Draconian penalties coupled with a "sex offender registry" whose regulations are encumbering to the point of being next-to-impossible to humanly comply with.

    The hypocrisy and double standards involved in the rift between the social classes is nothing short of astounding and appalling.

    1. Trump is not any better indeed.

      And yes.


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