American Celebrity Progressives: Stay Home And Stop Being Babies

Another group that needs to grow up are American progressive celebrities who threaten to leave their country if a vote doesn't go their way.

They act like petulant little children who don't want eat their spinach demanding candy instead. Driven by a faux self-righteous smugness rooted in pearl clutching pant-shitting, they cling to the notion they somehow inhabit a higher intellectual plane.

Threatening to leave a country after a lawful election is not an act of heroism or rebellion. It's just unoriginal asshattery.

One country that doesn't need an influx of progressives is Canada. We certainly don't need race hucksters like Al Sharpton and whatever it is Lena Dunham is and does. I saw Jon Stewart was on the list too. No thanks. We already have a hipster-comedian in Rick Mercer. You bring nothing to the table.

Wanting to move here because you don't like - boo-hoo-hoo here's a fucking tissue flake - the results of an election points less to the country you loathe and more about your flimsy state of mind.

Canada has had its fair share of draft dodgers and their ever so grating left-wing world view.

So please. Do us a favor get lost and fucking stand by your country. 

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  1. They would want Canada to somehow "take partial responsibility for" some of the shortcomings of the U.S.?
    "The grass is always greener on the other side"---a common adage of those who are not satisfied with the way they currently live.


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