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The latest emotional drivel to spew from the mouths of progressive pygmy's is the notion of 'what do we tell our children?'

Always about the children, huh.

They use kids like pawns in their manic and hyper-smug political musings.

How about this?

How about, you know, you grow up?

It's hard for kids to see what a responsible grown is like when the adults nurturing them are acting like irrational flakes. I heard stories of people not going to work because they needed to 'collect their thoughts'.

My, my.

Go to work and grow up.

For the love God, don't make me come and slap each and every one of you out! It will take a lifetime!


Up here we got a dose of this type of stupid behaviour. We were all going to die under Harper and those who voted for him were greedy, ignorant short-sighted pigs.

Now there's a gif going around of Bugs Bunny sawing off Canada from the USA. Only problem is...you do that you cut the source of our prosperity.

Canada is a protectorate and branch plant economy of the U.S. empire. Cutting ourselves off from the U.S. is akin to suicide since we can't stand on our own two feet.

But hey. dare so smert an education.


Speaking of the dimwitted:

It's only a democracy when it goes our way and when we say it is.

Think of it. These as swipes are protesting a lawful election result. 

Principals over principles.

And then there's the flat out irrational.

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