Just Who Are The Deplorables Here?

They're out of their minds.

Total tone deafness.

That's all I have to say. They have not sat back and pondered anything. They just go with passion.

Every single one of them. These emotional please and breakdowns are surreal as they are pathetic.

Well, at least we know where celebrities stand I guess - as if we didn't already know.

I agree, Trump said some nasty things and we always argue the process does matter (i.e. how Obamacare passed for instance. We teach cooperation and respect for your opponents but that was not on display when ramming through an important piece of legislation.) and he'll just have to own those words but by the same token he did expose some things that up until now were brewing among the chattering classes. Namely there is clearly a liberal media and agenda and all the arrogant hypocrisy that came with it. On the balance, man, that's a big box to poke a hole into.

The masked slipped. They were so comfortable in the snug and smug bubbles they needed not address with any respect or dignity the deplorables. They may not see it or even admit it (they didn't admit their partisanship) but it's there. People are not fucking idiots. I've met blue collar folk who possess a natural intelligence that would beat down Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Conan O'Brien, Rachel Maddow, Van Jones and all the other derelicts from the regressive left faster than they can spin their drills.

Once again, to me, when I see this. I don't see honour. I see a doubling down of smacking down their inferiors.

There's something terribly retarded when one of the most immoral part of our society start to paternalistically talk down to people. The hyper-hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance of it all beyond comprehension.

In the end, it's not about intelligence and holding moral high grounds.

It's about dignity. DIGNITY.

Start showing it rather than ooze contempt for your fellow compatriots lest you fall to your own vulnerable insecurities and hypocrisy.


Here's why I have a HUGE FUCKING PROBLEM with this.

1) They're not intellectuals. They're fucking comedians. Except Handler. I have no idea how this person keeps showing up on screens.

2) They're acting like pompous presumptuous asses. Hey, assholes. 60 MILLION people disagree with you. Get over it and yourselves. The more you pull shit like this, the more I'm convinced the right choice was made. Where the fuck do you come off using your platform to spew your emotional drivel?

3) Utter lack of professionalism. Lack we expected much from them in the first place.

4) This kind of irrational backlash corrodes rational thought. Trump could install the exact same policies as Hillary and the progressive left will denounce it. They possess no principles. All they understand are words from principals.

5) Principles. Think about it. If integrity is sooooo fucking important to them, on what what planet do they live to think Hillary Bleeping Clinton was a better choice? Yeh. Here's the thing. I teach my kid not to lie yet Hillary (i.e. sniper fire, Benghazi (where her and Obama's actions led to an innocent man being jailed etc.) does little if nothing but lie. I teach my kid to respect others. Yet Hillary holds them in contempt (e.g. she let her distraught supporters down when she didn't address them personally after the election, or the now infamous 'deplorables' quip etc.). I teach my kid to observe rules and the law. Yet, Hillary broke the law by having an unsecured private server while Secretary of States. Her irresponsibility was not just a spit in the face of American law but by extension to the people of the country she so desperately wanted to rule not govern. I teach my kid civil ethics. Ethics, in part, include when you're in a position of power or influence, you keep to accepted basic notions of 'dos and donts'. Hillary via her Foundation, broke this principal. She peddled influence and profited from it. Which brings me to respect again. This behaviour shows an utter disrespect for the office and title she held. I teach my kid to stick to deeply held and observed principles. Hillary cynically slithers around leaving herself open to how the polls and trends swing (ie. marriage is between a man and woman). And what of women? This is a woman who, rather than stand up and take a principled stand, let her husband commit acts of adultery and sexual assaults acing as an enabler to his misdeeds. We're told she's a strong woman but acted weak and even unjust by destroying the life of a person in the process. The fact is, over 30 years, all I've seen from her is a sleazy and scandalous track record. Where there's dubious activities, you can bet Hillary was around it. 

This. This is the person you wanted to rule over you? All because Trump said some bad words that offended you? Please. Do us all a favor, you know the ones who actually hold principles and stick to them, look in the mirror and think a little before you go on TV and make an ass of yourself.

4) And on a more personal level. Without provocation, I was not only told I hate my daughter and that because I dared claim progressives are bigots (note never told the person I supported Trump intellectually), that my 'genes' destine me to act like Trump. This is the profile of the people over-reacting to this election.  1911 called. They want their eugenics manual back.

No reason. No principles.

Today is Remembrance Day and I want to go honour people who actually did something for their countries.

Most of whom would be considered 'deplorables' you jerk offs disrespect.

I don't want to waste another second on you.


Morning, Wednesday November 9:

Hillary: "You promised I'd win."
Satan: "You said you had a soul."

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