Solar System Warming; Trump Names Climate Skeptic

There is reason to believe Earth is not the only planet in the solar system undergoing climate change, meaning CO2 emissions are not the primary force responsible for the rise in global temperatures. Growth of the dark spots in Pluto, reports of auroras on Saturn, polar shifts in Uranus and changes in light intensity of Neptune suggests something very strange is happening in the solar system.
Many scientists suspect that the solar system has migrated to a region of the galaxy with high energy. We have the illusion that the sun is a nebulous ball of gas fixated in the sky that the rest of the solar system dances around. In reality, the sun is one star among many sitting on the outskirts of the Milky Way, hurtling through space at 72,000 kilometers per hour. Although the total amount of energy within the universe is conserved, pockets of energy in the Milky Way vary in intensity. The solar system may have rolled into one of these highly active regions."
Oh dear.

Now what?


Expect the climate change gravy train to end. Sure those who depend on grants and subsidies are going to squawk on taking their grievances and anger to FaceBook, Change.org, writing Op-eds about how if they can't continue their work we're all gonna die. And you'll see those business people who profited off this scheme, Musk, Gore etc., threaten progress will stop. Or sparkling minds from the celebrity ranks like Di Caprio make ads and videos pointing to how dangerous Trump is for name a climate skeptic as head of the EPA.

I don't think carbon taxes, plastic bag bans and all those fancy protocols are gonna cut it.

You can put us back to the stone age and it won't matter.


  1. The thing about climate change is that there are multiple causes for it, stemming from the desecration of the environment by man-made activities to the cosmic influences and already-present natural patterns.

    But the only way to accurately investigate the matter would be for an impartial and unaffiliated team of scientists, loyal only to science itself and not to any political/corporate/idealistic demographic, to have the means and funds to engage in actual honest and dedicated fact-based research, in which the results would be unbiased and factual.

    But the way everything and everyone is so partisan about everything under the sun. I don't think we'll EVER have the chance to know what's really going on (if anything at all) with this "climate change" issues and allegations thereof.

  2. Wish posh, Tal. Aren't you part of the 'deplorable' class? /wink.


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