Why Gavin Newsom's Immoral Hypocrisy And Stupidity Matters

Let's get one thing straight here. Every single leader who has stolen a person's right earn a living or has not abided by their own anti-science and anti-human decrees, are evil.

As I write this, Francois Legault is 'clarifying' whatever failed and pernicious measure he cooked up to a weary (and hopefully increasingly skeptical) population.

Legault has been no better than any 'do I say or else' politician. And you must do as he says while he doesn't have to justify a single measure with any evidence.

He operates, like all Premiers and Governors, outside the realm of the rule of law now. 

He's taking your liberty and if you think he's going to give it back. Well, then you're not following the cadence of human nature very well.

But right now, he's too busy dealing with another 'language crisis' in Montreal but make sure to follow his illegal edicts.

Since this pandemic has begun, several public officials across the West have been caught not following their pernicious protocols.

The simple reason is they know it's all theatre and bull shit.

That's right. That mask you begged to have put on your face? Yeh, they're not stupid. They're just giving what sheep want because sheep vote in large numbers. They know the science and data shows masks mandates aren't justified. But now everyone is addicted to this deception and leaders showed they were incapable of leading people away from this issue. They should have never permitted it.

There have been abusers. From Pelosi to Feinstein to Pritzer. Closer to home we have Trudeau - there's a shock.

But among the biggest and shameless among them, Gavin Newsom is at the top if anything because he 'Governs' the biggest state in America; largest entity on the continent and 5th largest economy in the world.

Imagine that for a second.

This jack ass runs a powerful state that commands a lot of power and influence.

He was caught in a scandal recently. See the details here on Tucker Carlson. I think he explains it quite nicely. 

What made this party all the more despicable is medical officials who have imposed some of the most ridiculous rules in California were present.

While they ruin the lives of the average citizen, they pop off $400 meals at the French Laundry restaurant. How's that for dirty laundry.

Hypocrites of the highest order. The contempt for people couldn't be clearer.

It matters because North America watches California. 

It matters because it gets right to the heart of the matte that shutting human life down for a virus that is not an existential threat is immoral. To deny the right of people to live their conscience is a crime against their liberty; humanity.

And he's far from alone as Cuomo - a leader when it comes to incompetence and arrogance -  showed. Many have been caught in some acts of hypocrisy that threatens to blow the top of this hysteria 

Legault is in this boat.

He is denying people the simple pleasures. People need outlets to unwind and two of the biggest ways they do this is to go to a bar fo a drink or have a meal at restaurant or work out at the gym.

To blow off steam.

Aa if this isn't enough. He tells people they can't have people in their own homes.

Yet, shopping at COSTCO for one hour is fine. 

And the sheep and seals applaud. Thoughtlessly. They think they're being virtuous.

Bit it's not.

It's depraved and illegal. He must account for the psychological damage he is causing.


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