The Madness Continues

 From 'Circuit break lockdowns' - Colin Furness is the latest nit job virologist experimenting with your life   - to now Ticketmaster beginning the process of our worst fears - needing a vaccine or negative test just to go see a concert. 

They weren't kidding when they said your freedoms were gone. And you let it happen. There will still be people who won't understand this is MEDICAL TYRANNY.

Up until now we survived. Covid-19 is NOT worse than the flu.

Yet here we are listening to morons like Colin.

Notice how this drastic measure is not to end the virus but to merely drop the cases. How about we STOP testing using PCR? 

How about that Colin?

In effect, this can become a common occurrence in our lives where they 'circuit break' your routines. Instead of learning to live and cope with this like MEN AND WOMEN we're being taught to be afraid by idiots like Colin.

I don't know what it will take but this is just the beginning folks.

Start to ask questions.

Remember: 99.85% SURVIVAL RATE. 


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