We Misread Something With The U.S. Election

With the media and the left misleading people into thinking they're extremists or conspiracists or racists for holding opinions or thoughts that differ from the prevailing narrative, it makes one wonder about what's going on.

Since the 1990s what was mostly restricted to the realm of conspiracy theorists - back then Alex Jones was an entertaining curiosity for me and my friends - the idea of a NWO was really a concept too hard to see at the time. But as time went on, more and more the idea began to gain currency.

It has all but become common knowledge and into the open now. It comes in the form of a 'Global Reset' (of which code phrases like 'Build back better' is a common trope and uttered by the likes of not yet President-elect Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau) and 'Agenda 21'. These aren't conspiracies. They're actual programs in place at the UN. They been discussed in mainstream outlets like NYT, Time and other publications.

Since the election of Trump and Brexit, we've seen a strange and disturbing trend accelerate where free speech is being censored and people arrested or cancelled. The game seems to be rigged into making sure the masses don't fully see what's at play.

What if there is indeed a coordinated global reset in play?

To some, it may be welcomed seeing at as indeed a chance to 'build back better'. 

But here's the thing. I fear they're being useful idiots because what's being proposed is really just a technocratic monstrosity. 

A globe divided between Stonecutters and the rest.

In other words, you ain't invited to this party.

Which made think of Donald Trump. The dread and hate of this man was just too irrational for my taste. Sure he's not likeable and may even be hated (as some are apt to do whenever a public figure they despise comes to power) but this was on another scale.

The visceral hate wasn't intellectual or reasoned or even rational.

It was just blind, emotional hate. 

I fear blind righteousness and false virtue than I do Donald Trump.

I tried to disengage from people who wouldn't or couldn't argue in good faith about him. Whenever you attempted to explore WHY he arose, you would just get cackled nonsense about being 'MAGA' or a Trumpista or whatever.

It was low brow and low hanging fruit. And plenty of smart people behaved this way.

So I wasn't going to get much out of them. They were lost in their own vortex of irrationalism. 

Orange Man Bad NPC. 

Trump touched a nerve. But what was the nerve?

The heartland of America and - in many ways - the West.

The forgotten mass of citizens abandoned by power brokers in New York and Los Angeles; London and Paris; Chicago and Tokyo.

The process began with the arrival of China - or the CCP. The plan essentially led to the hallowing out of manufacturing and industry in North America outsourcing it to China. Wall St. and Bay St. made out like bandits but the spirit of a nation (including Canada) became an empty dust bowl; our identity became a ghost town.

We were then told to believe in our values and identity was regressive and racist. That we must never speak of it while they slowly dismantled our collective heritage while hitting us over the head every time we tried to question them.

And so the march to erase us began.

No one questioned it as they skimmed the profits like mobsters in a casino.

Then along came Donald Effen Trump. The global poison pill. 

He came to ruin their plans. So the narrative had to be spun. It went something like, 'he's the greedy Nazi who came to skim, steal and plunder and take away black and gay rights'. In other words, they projected onto him what they had been doing for decades.

Robbing us of our economic and cultural wealth blind. 

His was a 'dark return to icky nationalism'. 

But what he really represented was a blocking of this trend.

Suddenly the tired and forgotten had a voice.

And a phenomena was born.

Not just in America but in Europe as well. Slowly here in Canada as well.

I have no doubt there was an orchestrated coup against Trump. The Russia collusion lie and impeachment theatre was exactly that: The DNC tying to usurp power.

And the national election was no different.

Trump won that election. They stole it. And now he's fighting to get it back.

The DNC and large pockets of the RNC ARE part of the global reset.

Thus, we can reframe the Trump versus Biden election as this:

National sovereignty (led by the United States) versus Global reset (led by China).

It's the Cold War to end all cold wars. Liberty versus tyranny. 

What side are you on?

Because the battle lines had been set long ago. 

It's just that now we're forced into accepting it.


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