Simple Raw Covid Math

Simple raw math time. Yesterday there were 9190 deaths. 542 390 cases. 1.69% death rate. 

Hm. Reminds me of another virus. _ _ f l _ e _ z a. I'd like to buy a vowel Pat.

It was hovering around 1% until recently. Since this hysteria started 2.47%. It was around the 4-5% range in the spring into the summer. 

This is what we're burning the world to the ground for and have to listen to a cartoonish Teutonic monster babble about global resets. As well as an autistic eugenicist jerk off wanting to shove a vaccine into the world. Follow them or else they won't allow you to get your life back. They and their shills and hacks in the media and lower level politicians will always find excuses to keep you scared because Stockholm Syndrome has set it.

This is why you're wearing mask.

If they have you in a mask for this, they can keep in your mask for anything now.

Wake the fuck up already. Give these degenerate criminals at the WEF and other nefarious global organizations and their stupid goals the middle finger.

I've been more than polite and patient waiting for an awakening.

We've provided ample literature on this site to show this is a hysteria.


  1. https://friendlymisanthropist.blogspot.com/2020/11/pcr-tests-are-nonsense.html?showComment=1605081733560#c2912262600316749013

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