Know Thy Evil Words

Media and politicians use 'Misinformation' as a distraction to take away free speech rights. 

Media and politicians use 'Consensus' to fabricate a sense of settled harmony on issues. 

'Build back better' is a global reset and you don't have a say and you ain't invited.

Media and politicians use 'More and more evidence about masks' as a tool to keep you in line and in fear. There is no such 'mounting evidence'. Just flimsy, flawed studies. 

Media and politicians use 'modelling' to project figures to....keep you in line to achieve their plans. Projections that have been wrong every step of the way.

People are taking too long to wake from their apathetic slumber. Others are still gripped by fear. 

Excess deaths are a key figure in a all this, but who is tabulating the Excess Retard?


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