This Pandemic Has Lessons

One of them is to learn to deconnect and decompress.

Our connectivity is being used to erode our liberties and sense of personal identity. We're forgetting how to think critically and independently.

This is how they've managed to keep the pandemic going this long.

I agree. Reduce your reliance on smart phones. I barely use it but now will be looking to shut down large portions of the day and even downgrade.

When the government started pushing for Covid apps, that's when I decided it was time to pull out. There's  simply too much talk of vaccination papers and other items of medical tyranny that should concern us all.

They package their plans as a natural advancement of technology to improve our lives.

I say it's not necessary.

Maybe I'm thinking like a Neo-Luddite but the pandemic has been used by governments to expand their power and this is not, for me, a healthy development.

Be your own thinker and leader. That's been my message since the spring of 2020.

When a population is independent and properly informed, the government is powerless. It reminds them they WORK FOR US and not the other way around.

It's not up to them to order us through tools of oppression who can and can't come into our homes and how many people we can be with. This is arbitrary and pernicious and should be rejected outright.


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