Indiana Jones Saves The World From Bill Gates

Bill Gates is a classic comic book villain.

He was a villain at Microsoft and he's now playing the role of one with his global vaccine crusade.

Gates on his own shows there may indeed be an orchestrated and sinister agenda at play.

Why this man is being entertained by government should be of great concern for free and concerned citizens of the world.

If this were a movie, Gates is confronted by Indiana Jones on top of a building while maniacally waving a vaccine that promises to eradicate half the world's population. They scuffle. Jones, naturally, socks him and gets his hands on the vile as Gates losing his footing the ledge and falls to his justified death.

Also, the virus may be mutating and antibodies don't stick.

That could pose a huge problem for Pfizer and Mr. Evil. I'm starting to wonder if this was a stock play by Pfizer. I'm gonna go ahead and be skeptical. 

Problem is, officials stupidly bet their horses on a vaccine and good luck walking that back from a population they psychologically bruised and battered.

Sweden every day shows they're smarter than everyone.

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