Disturbing Realities Emerge?

A couple of things have me a tad concerned.

One is the revelation the Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews - who has pummelled his subjects into the ground with one of the most obscene assaults on civil liberties I've witnessed among Western nations - signed to the Belt and Road Initiative with China even though the Australian government did not.

His action is very much in line with a communist approach to things and could it be linked to this deal?

I think it may very well be the case. If Australia is now trapped in China's silk web, this is also probably the case with the much smaller New Zealand.

Another is the idea, though possibly less plausible but it is discussed seriously,  of this virus potentially being bio-warfare or man-made and having been unleashed by China to keep Europe in check given their 'friendly contact' initiatives infiltrating local European governments. More importantly, to attack the United States. 

The U.S. was enjoying the greatest economic prosperity in the modern era when the virus hit. What better way to stop this? If you're China, there's an incentive given the trade war and the fact China wants to reshape the economic order in its image to damage Trump and the USA.

Not only that, there's an equal incentive to mess with the elections and given what's happening with this Dominion voting machine story (a Canadian company) and the revelations with this, we're likely indeed seeing a coup from within and a foreign hostile act of aggression on the United States.

Kinda brings into focus why the Democrats defended China in the early days of the pandemic. Something is not right with this picture. In fact, heavy blue states like Oregon and California are at this point more willing to sign Faustian deals with China than work with Washington. And it's not just Democrats being duped (though useful idiocy comes natural to them), it's Republicans as well as we've seen with partnerships with consortiums tied to the CCP in Kentucky. 

I really don't think Trump is the bad guy here. And Biden is just a catastrophe waiting to happen. 

Beware of China bearing gifts. 


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