The Time For Polite Tolerance Of Superstition Is Over

I've had it.

I will no longer tolerate and accept mask policies and people who support them blindly.

I will contact any person or expert that peddles this idiocy and demand they produce EVIDENCE.

I will no longer watch this society fall further into Stockholm Syndrome and continuously blindly accept the narratives. 

Masks are an obscenity. They're as anti-science as they come. It dehumanizes us under the guise of 'public common good'.

I read the province of Saskatchewan now has mandated masks.

It's November 2020.

The virus has been around since 2019.

What the frick is going on?

Have people not recognized these measures do not work?

How can officials in Saskatchewan who have the benefit of seeing mask policies in other places? Can someone tell me on what planet are they on to think they work? We see it unfold right before our eyes they literally do NOTHING.

Where has it been demonstrated they stopped the spread? Where?

All I see is these policies actually CONFIRM 100 years of studies that make clear masks do little.

Any person who is complicit now and not speaking out against masks will get an earful from me.

I'll be that guy.

In the beginning, there was some sympathy. No more.

I will not tolerate superstition pass off as science any longer.

Time for a Great Push Back.



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