Expect INEFFECTIVE Draconian Measures To Continue By The Criminal Class

Masks. Social distancing. Curfews. Lockdowns.

None of this garbage work. 

But it's what they want and it's what clueless, incompetent criminals will get.

We're in bad shape in the West with fearful people and poor leaders.

Bad toxic mix.

Canada is clown world. 

Let's name names again about who the criminals are:


Trudeau (and his band of thugs).

Legault (and his gang of flunkies).

Ford (and his posse).

Stay scared and thirsty my friends.

Until you find your courage they will continue to steal your liberties based on this over blown hysteria. 

If you're supporting this crap you're adding to the fraying of the social and economic order.


Legault, Dube and Arruda: Go fuck yourselves. 

You are liars. You have NO EVIDENCE to support your lies. 

This is for you Horacio:

"The underlying assumption of any public health intervention is that it will enable more people to live longer and healthier. Application of the physicians’ oath “first do no harm” to public health means that positive outcomes of public health interventions need to outweigh any negative effects. Therefore, the task for public health is not simply to consider the lives that may be saved by policy efforts to limit viral spread, but more importantly, to consider the total number of lives saved and lost as a result of the epidemic and responses to it.

Evidence is conflicting about the effect of rising unemployment during economic recessions on overall population health.5 Studies in high income countries relying on aggregate data show death rates tend to fall as unemployment rates increase, although individual level studies often find the opposite.6 The reduced deaths are thought to be related to fewer cardiovascular events and motor vehicle incidents.7

"...Social distancing may also negatively affect people with addiction disorders. In North America, which is in the midst of an opioid epidemic, limited access to clinics for opioid use disorders because of physical distancing measures, for example, may inadvertently exacerbate drug diversion and opioid overdoses.19 Ontario and British Columbia (Canada) have seen a spike in overdose deaths since the lockdown started.23

Orders to stay at home or isolate can also increase child abuse and domestic violence rates. Reports from Hubei (China), France, Argentina, Singapore, and several US cities show a substantial increase in domestic violence during the lockdowns.24"


No go fuck yourselves again. 


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