Citizens Of The World: Wake Up. Government Doesn't Need To Mandate Vaccination

All they have to do is force businesses and schools to do their dirty work.

That's how the mask scam worked. They didn't coerce people, they threatened businesses. It was a backdoor mandate. 

'Of course you're free not to wear one!' But no entrance!'

So no more public school. No air travel. No grocery shopping - ironically all PLACES THAT ARE NOT DRIVERS OF OUTBREAKS. 

This is how evil it has become.

And notice. They've already planned it out. Notice the talk about how this 'casedemic' is going to apparently stick around. Just long enough to keep the fear going to stick a needle in people's arms I reckon. Legault is already pimping out stupid art where the vaccine represents 'hope'.

It's grotesque.

We have to start filing lawsuits to get access to the information they keep from the public. It wouldn't surprise me we'd uncover a deep cover-up like what we're seeing with the election fraud in the U.S.. 

The vaccine IS the Dominion voting machine scandal for what's looking more and more like a fabricated casedemic.

It's all a scam to sell vaccines.

The lockdowns. The masks. The cases. The constant pumping up of fear. It's all to soften people up. 


I'm no fan of calling citizens idiots. Politicians yes but not people. But I gotta say, if you're still buying into this hysteria, you're an idiot. 


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