People Are Insane; No, It's Not A Trump Coup

Not that you're gonna hear it in the news, but Trump does have a legitimate pathway to victory. Slim, but legit. He has every right to contest the validity of this election.

There clearly is enough evidence to suggest there was fraud so it should be investigated. People saying there's no proof ergo he should concede are wrong here. Look at it this way. Everyone knew Al Capone was a mobster but it could never be proven. Everyone knew he was a murderer and it was widely believed he orchestrated the St. Valentine's Day massacre. Never proven. All they got him on was tax evasion.

Also, it breaks the brain to actually believe Joe fricken Biden got more votes than Hilary and Obama. Even with more people voting that's about as believable as unicorns sleeping with Kamala. 

Ssssure he did. Sssssure. 

Anyway. It's an open secret there was fraud on a fairly big scale. The game now is to prove it. They seem to have some proof (and it's been asserted more up their sleeve than they're letting on) but it's all up to the courts. Their case in Pennsylvania seems like a very strong one but again, it's not easy to see if they can prevail.

Biden - or O'Biden as he referred himself as - doesn't have 270 electoral votes as of tonight and the Office of the President-Elect in the minds of idiots doesn't exist. That it was declared is nonsense.

There are recounts, potential audits and legal challenges to blaze though so hold on to your hats.

But to argue he's staging a coup is another example of how Trump destroyed people's minds. How can he stage a coup against himself? They say this because they believe the lie that Biden is the winner. After all, they declared him a winner. But as I noted, he's not at 270. Ergo, Trump is still President and has contested those states that could make Biden President-elect.

He's using all the legal and democratic levers of power. People may perceive it's illegal because they've been told Biden won, but this is not the reality. 

There are now reports Democrat operatives are 'brigading' law firms representing Trump. Basically, doxxing and harassing them and their clients. If true, I stand by the four year assertion the Democrat party of the United States is a criminal enterprise and dare I say an immoral one. Donald Trump, as any American, has a right to legal services. Attacking them in this manner should be viewed with scorn and contempt.

The media got their marching orders and word of the day: Coup. So you will your Glassers from The new Yorker 'doing their job' like good little Brown shirts gaslighting America. The DNC and media are playing perception and information warfare to perfection much like terrorists do. You have to be somewhat without a moral compass to do such things. You just have to believe you're righteous and you can justify any lie. In this case, Trump is so evil he needs to be wiped out.

They're attacking private citizens. This is a fight between two parties and two candidates. But the DNC is taking this to the streets. Crassus would be proud.  Do you know what happened to Crassus? His arrogance, hubris and greed got the better of him. He over estimated his talents and over played his hands and was eventually killed. 

The only coups I've seen have been the ones where the Democrats tried to pin Trump to Russia with a fabricated story,  impeachment and now an attempt to steal an election.

In other words, just another example of projection.


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