Who Are The Criminals? Denying People The Right To Work IS THE CRIME

With Etobicoke closing down and arresting the owner of Adamson BBQ, Canada is officially in a terrible place.

We're being terrorized by medical bureaucrats at the moment who keep telling us the apocalypse is right around the corner. Notice how since March they've done nothing but string us along? Dr. David Williams wars cases in Ontario could reach 9000 per day by the end of 2020. Tam said 7500 deaths. If neither of these predictions happen, not only should they be FORCED TO RESIGN, I want a criminal investigation opened.

What are they going to do? Stretch it another 31 days to the end of January? And so on?

It's shocking how Canadians keeping swallowing the lies and propaganda.

Do you not see incompetence and malice when you see it?

People who cheer on the owner being arrested and thrown in jail because 'muh public safety', for once in your lives, THINK about what you're condoning.

By what standard of logic or morality do you permit a situation where you can earn a living but support actions that deny people the same right? 

No amount of  masks virtue signalling will get you out of this one.

First off, you're accepting decrees as law. You're allowing for the state under specious scientific data to deny a person's right to earn a living. 

Second, you're engaging in will blind ignorance. There is NO DATA that show gyms and restaurants are main drivers of outbreaks.

This is just as criminal as believing we need to test asymptomatic kids even though the SCIENCE shows this is not necessary.

Do you notice a pattern here? You're being manipulated and lied to.

If you cheer this on, you're the actual Brown and Black shirts. You're the ones who would have turned Ann Frank in.  The owner of the restaurant? He would have been out saving Jews.

Because he has courage.

And you are cowards.


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