Stop The Mask Mandates NOW. If Not Expect Bacterial Pneumonia To Spread

We're headed into the deep winter.

People are masked up indoors.

They will be creating and inhaling more bacteria than usual.

Then officials will call this a 'Covid second wave' but it won't be.

It will be worse than that.

We're repeating exactly the same mistake as during the Spanish flu.

And this will absolutely be the fault of EVERY SINGLE PUBLIC OFFICIAL FROM THE POLITICIAN TO THE MEDICAL BUREAUCRAT right down to the media.

We're heading into the eye of the storm and masks are going to make it hell.

It's not rocket science folks. 

And I'm beginning to wonder either we have woefully incompetent stupid people in positions of power or it's by design. 

But if it does happen, know where your anger should be directed at. 


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