Media Begins Fake News About Biden

Notice the media attempting to give Biden the credit for the Pfizer vaccine. 

A babbling fool who wasn't even in power. Wow. What a hero! He managed to get the people a vaccine! And interesting timing for Pfizer to roll this thing out eh?

It's like Obama winning the peace prize without doing literally anything!

But it's a return to decency!

Are people....are people this stupid?

I understand the politics behind this but we're on another level here. 

And God forbid Ezekiel Dr. Death Emmanuel gets his hands on the vaccine.

He ain't gonna save granny.

Well done to the voters who voted for Biden solely on the fact they hated Trump.

The ultimately irony is if one of your loved ones crosses paths with the 'Health Czar'.

Biden isn't even sworn in yet and has already screwed over Pennsylvania by stating he's going back to the Paris Accords, has promised more taxes for all and now the announcement of his evil health task force.

Yes. Biden is that fucken stupid. 

Better pray there was fraud and it will be proven fast because see this here? This is no good.

No good. 


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