Anticipated Danish Mask Study Published

The largest RCT study on masks has been published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

It concludes what I suspected it would: Masks aren't effective. 

Thus confirming 100 years of established mask studies on record that concluded the same.

Government officials know this.

I'm sure they had to dilute the study to for public consumption. It's not a stretch to think it's even more stark than this. I hope one day we see the full unedited results. But this is a dark age so we have to tread carefully around the authorities.

Now you have no excuse and can't claims it's 'science'. 

It's not.

They're misleading you. 

Here's what's happening.

It goes something like this.

The effectiveness of masks is easily observable. If a place is wearing them for one month with high compliance only to see rates shoot up, this means masks don't work.

It's that simple.

Ah. But not so easy. The criminals running government and media tell you you're crazy and you can't trust what you see. It's all in your head. Mask aren't working and making us look stupid because you're not listening to their commands full stop. It's your fault the virus spreads. Not the masks. You're being told to not believe what you're seeing. They gaslight you. You must wear the masks because they represent liberty and will keep life going. Just shut up and live in fear. And what's the big deal? It's just a mask! What if they do magically work?

It's a classic psychological con job and Legault and Arruda are all in the racket. They are deceivers.

When you deceive and knowingly commit fraud, all hell breaks loose. 

Don't fall for the con.

It's not up to Legault to decide when normalcy returns.

It's up to US. The people.

Remember this.

Anyway. For those of you who are still logic challenged because of a steadfast belief in masks here's what the study (all studies) basically say.This is what they mean by 'no measurable difference'. I bet you it's the same thing with lockdowns. Public officials are psychotic in their relentless laments of fear blaming us for the virus.

In sum:

-Longest flattening the curve in history.

-None of the measures make one iota of difference. Statistically marginal. 

-But the collateral damage is enormous.

Hence, public officials (and the fools who support them) are incompetent criminals. 


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