The Convoy Protest In Quebec Underway

An auto convoy along Quebec's highways starting from different cities will converge on their way to Quebec City to protest lockdown measures in the province, in Canada and around the world.

People are getting fined and arrested for having the temerity to want to live and work under the guise of 'public health'. The suspicious part about this is they're willing to beat down people for masks, what happens with vaccines? Canadians need to ask these questions now. 

If you support lockdowns or 'Covid Zero' schemes, you're part of the problem and contributing to misery. Covid  isn't a death sentence. THE MEASURES and all the experts peddling it are.

Once again, as we deny kids a normal life piling onto them because terrified fools living in fear want to keep everyone else scared to get cases to zero, we're not considering the COLLATERAL DAMAGE this is causing. At this point I can but conclude some people have good intentions but are misguided but the officials that push this should know better and I can but conclude they're acting with malice. It's psychopathic behaviour. That included obviously, Legault and Ford as well as Arruda, Williams, Trudeau and Tam. The Big Six who should either resign or be investigated because I've yet to see a single shred of evidence for their measures. 

Saying 'one death is too many' is insane babbling. They keep talking how this is going to go on and on. It only does if you keep watching them and the news. You MUST inform yourselves. Legault, Ford and the media are misleading people and not putting things in context and perspective.

There's a lot of growing angst and worry out there about what's in store because these so-called leaders aren't communicating well because they're cowards and incompetent. Instead of coming out to address these concerns, they allow it to fester and deepen.

Which should make us all skeptical of their plans. 

Just a complete breakdown of leadership. 

Courageously flip this damn script back into normalcy.

Remember, public authorities do NOT CARE about you. They care about POWER AND CONTROL.

Stop being obedient. Listening to them will be your downfall. Think of the world you may bequeath the next generation.

Follow the events on Bright Light News.

Good luck to all!




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