The Covid Lie Is A Concerted Effort

"... It is with no pleasure that I announce we told you so. The panic, juiced by the media and embraced with vigor by our uniparty elites, succeeded. Mail-in ballots went out in tremendous number, and were delightedly received by our rulers to do with what they would. The election is imbrogiled and the oligarchs have grown bold.

The Great Reset which these fine people desire is now underway, leveraging the panic. They say this in their own words. Since the virus, like all viruses, is ebbing into the background to join the collection of bugs that forever besiege us, and there therefore being no need to fret, the Reseters have to discover a way to keep the panic hot. 

They are doing this by falsely reporting “surges” in “cases”. And by screaming about deaths with no context what the numbers mean. The proof of all this is below."

And Trudeau and Legault are in on the scam. 

Legault is still peddling this 'overwhelm the system' bull shit. Did you know he has to steal your life to protect a shitty health care system?

I can't find the proper adjectives anymore to describe how I feel about this man. 

And it ain't good.


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