Daily Derp: Some CoronaDerp. Legault's Magic Bullet: Extortion

I can't be the only one who has noticed petty tyrants extorting the people.

The only thing keeping people in line with Legault's pernicious and futile measures is the threat of him locking down society and the economy.

I do not trust him.

When a man resorts to psychological terror and extortion, we consider this illegal and criminal.

So why are we tolerating this from Legault and other politicians?

Do people still not grasp their measures hinge on specious data? That they refuse to disclose where they get their information and evidence?


That we still cling to the false notion of asymptomatic spread. This is one of the most evil lies perpetuated on civilians. The data does NOT support asymptomatic spread as a main driver.

Once people realize this, the government's position and narrative crumbles and the preposterous justification of closing restaurants and gyms with it.

Yes, I am asserting Francois Legault is lying to the people of Quebec. And he sounds like he's about to give people a lollipop for being good comrades and not oppose him. 

He has set up a fractured society not unlike Salem where people armed with pitchforks hunt for witches.

Except here, it's the asymptomatic boogeyman.


One life too many!

Yet, we never said that when Islamic terrorists (remember them?) murder Westerners.

At the moment, we're under attack on multiple fronts. One, the CCP is on the march. Two, clearly Islamic terrorists have been reactivated. Both seek to take advantage of the West's utterly stupid position of bowing to the virus shuttering its societies up. Three, as noted, the casedemic where governments are increasingly assaulting civil liberties under the guise of public health.

Add in this the election fraud that took place in the United States and we have ourselves a global and cultural war.

There's no denying this is what's happening.

The West are fools. Useful idiots. Masked up and refusing to face Islamic terrorism for fear of being called racists will only wake up the lions.

John Kerry - one of the most failed, mediocre and foolish statesman in North America - the Paris Accords help to stem the rise of populism. Which means, John Kerry will keep you in corona-fear, bend to China and continue to placate Islamic terrorism. Essentially, the same predictably boring and nonsensical approach his boss Barry pimped. 

These people are precisely NOT the leaders we need at the moment.

Donald Trump is. It was Trump who kept the Middle-East at peace. It was Trump who isolated the trouble-making Iran. It was Trump who wiped out Isis. It was Trump who forced China to negotiate trade deals in good faith. It was Trump who saw China was trying to reshape the global system in their (COMMUNIST) image.

Donald Trump had true courage to stare these serious threats down. 

And that's a fact.

If Biden manages to steal the election, judging by his cabinet appointments, things are about to get worse.


Joe Biden did NOT get 80 million votes.

Get your head out of your ass.


The Supreme Court in a 5-4 ruling, took the right course of action by siding with the right to assembly and religious freedom. For the love of God, this should have gone 9-0. 

But this is where we're at.

As for Fredo's brother.

I think Andrew Cuomo’s excessive irrational rule are the actions of a man with a guilty conscience.

He’s trying to compensate for the nursing homes fiasco. 

His own private Tell-Tale Heart. 


People shockingly think this way. 

Check this jerk off. He's a bioethicist. So, let's not laugh too hard. These are people who find ways to justify murder. 

Pant shitting tough guy this Arthur Caplan. For a virus with a 99.96% survival rate. Are we now to carry vaccination booklets or worse - digital ID now? All for this stupid virus?

Like I said, I have no problem if the wrath of God - or something simpler like a woodchipper - comes down and mauls these people's souls. 



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