A Nation And Civilization Gone Mad And Bonkers

As if the masks weren't a psychological and health problem in comes swinging in from the chandeliers face shields. 

At this point, I think public health officials are just trolling people. Wear goggles. Hold your breath. Wear layers. Wear it during sex. 

Some sense of humour they possess.

We see all sorts of ads peddling mask and face shield propaganda now. Companies have drawn up their own policies. It's a grotesque experiment in engineering social habits.

It's the writing out of the human spirit; what it means to be human.

Part of what allowed us to survive as a species was to accept risk and live with it.

Now we want the government to be our helicopter parents 'shielding' us from a virus. In fact, what's happening is the government is using humans as shields to cover their asses.

I don't know if there's a bigger word for hysteria but whatever it is, it's what we're witnessing 

Consider: .007% of the Ontario pop. have been deemed a 'case' and .01% of Quebec. A survival rate of 99.85%. 

I can't even process it rationally anymore.


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