Bill Gates Is An Asshole Who Doesn't Give A Shit About Your Life Or Humanity

Caught your attention?

Gates is doing the rounds peddling his faux-humanist bull shit.

He was an asshole at Microsoft and he's an asshole now.

A leopard does NOT change its spot.

Gates peddles vaccines for MONEY and PROFIT.

That's where the money is.

There's no money in any other deaths like there is with vaccines.

It's the perfect product to promise a world in fear to promise hope.

To every single billionaire in the world.

Stop being evil.

If you care so much, FEED THE WORLD with actual food.

Ah But there's no money in that. To do so would be truly rewarding. 

But Gates wants population control. He doesn't want to save the world. Him going on The Daily Show with that 'what me evil? act only cemented my distaste and distrust for the man.

Fucken jerk off.




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