Klaus Schwab And Bill Gates Are Monsters

Like Joe Biden is a petty Irish criminal hoodlum - and he is - Klaus Schwab is a vile human being.

If we can call him this.

Schwab is at the centre of what's called 'The Global Reset' which includes another heinous individual. You might of heard of him.

His name is Bill Gates.

Together, these monsters, with useful idiots in world governments, are looking to reset how we live.

And part of it will include a scheme for population control.

You think the Nazis and Mengele pulled some insane evil shit? Wait until these two numbskulls along with Ezekiel Emmanuel will do. It will be grotesque on a scale one can't imagine. 

They straight up are comic book villains. The nerdy, genius computer whiz with autism who lacks any kind of moral compass and the Teutonic nut job with a sinister plan to build the world in his image.

What is in the water in Germany that they persistently produce mad men? It wasn't enough to have plunged the world into two World Wars and Angela Merkel and her crazy migrant policy?

Perhaps Schwab will be the victim of his own sinister plot and all the people who complied along with him.

Like in the movies. As he attempts to inject a vial of the Gates vaccine into people, our hero Indiana Jones manages to plunge into Schwab. He quickly turns green and yells, 'Noooooooooo! My plans! Ruined! Mendoza!!!!'

The only man who gave the people a fighting chance was Donald Trump and the swamp and criminals in the DNC made sure through vast cheating to steal an election from him.


You're looking at it wrong.

Just shift the mirror to the left a little. Stop and look beyond Orange Man Bad.

Trump isn't the enemy.

He was our ally.

Mr. President. Fight. 

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