Quebecers Are Proud Sheep; Follow Low Men Of Caliber

The criminal enterprise known as the CAQ have crushed civil liberties in Quebec.

A liar like Legault has essentially declared himself not only dictator but king of your castle.

And you accepted it.

Like good little sheep.

When will you stand up for your rights?

I practice my own brand of civil disobedience. It's what keeps me sane under this assault. 

He has no scientific evidence for his stupid decrees. He just talks out of his ass delivering his derelict proclamations like an insincere grandfather.

Legault is a failure as a leader.

And as a human being. 

That's how infuriated I am with this pathetic excuse of a man who readying to further crush our lives for a most manufactured virus their dubious testing perpetuates.

It's an obscene and complete breakdown of the scientific and civil order.


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