Warning To The West: Beware The March Of Communist China

During WWII, many liberal academics and journalists disgraced themselves tripping over themselves eager to promote with glee Stalin or Hitler.

The period was littered with useful idiots culminating into Chamberlin's 'Peace in our time!"

And now history is repeating itself except now the admiration and adulation is directed at China.

Beware of any politician or academic in high praise of China.

The Chinese have been buying up weak and pathetic politicians in the West for 20 years now and they're easy to spot.

They're the ones who go straight on the attack defending China against any criticism.

Calls and cackles of racism and xenophobia is their favourite tactic.

Steely nerves are required now.

Don't be emotionally manipulated.

This pandemic? I'm not so sure it wasn't an 'Oops! Sorry!' attack on the West.

Our governments are acting a tad too authoritarian for what the disease is.

Sleep with one eye open my fellow citizens.

Trump was onto something.


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