And It Begins: Ticketmaster Will Demand People Are COVID Free

The end of freedom is over folks.

Out only hope is people rebel and simply not go to events anymore.

Kill the industry and kill Ticketmaster.

Do you really need to see that singer in concert or watch that sports team live?

Preserve your rights people.

Don't do it.

If we can all form a block, we can stop this idea.

How can you live like this?

This is medical tyranny.

And Ticketmaster can straight off fuck off and die. If you think I will subject MY FAMILY to this sort of medical tyranny you're fucken crazy.

My daughter is 15 and in prime concert going age.

I feel sick to my stomach. I've been to over 100 concerts in my life. As did millions upon millions of people. Viruses never killed us. And this one won't either. What a sad and outrageous situation.

Now I have to have a talk with her. 

Again. Rot in hell. Everyone who consents. 


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