Legault Extends His Dehumanization Edicts Another Month

At this point, I've lost all respect for Francois Legault and can't find words to describe what this man is doing.

On a personal level, my employees are fed up. They're exhausted dealing with the fear mongering from the government, annoying hysterical parents and all the excessive protocols. There is no joy at the moment in a work environment that is happy and healthy.

Knocking out gyms and restaurants while everything else stays open is just about the most unconscionable thing a man can do. He is taking food out of the mouths of families and this is immoral without a shred of scientific evidence. 

Legault has ripped this with his excessive and irresponsible measures.

Anyone who listens to this government needs to give their heads a shake.

Telling people to stay apart for 45 more days - remember this shambolic stupidity started on September 28  - is a crime against humanity.


Wake up.


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