Costco: It All Makes Sense Now; Sweden Once Again Shows Masks Are Pointless

I never liked Costco. I could never put my finger on why.

It wasn't about the quality of the food because they offer good quality. It's also very well run obviously. 

It was the little things that rubbed me the wrong way. 

But how I'm not a good fit with Costco is not the point of the post. I no longer shop there. The point is easy in the pandemic this company was the first to demand customers wear a mask before the government made it mandatory. There wasn't a draconian measure they wouldn't resist. Now, they're requiring workers to wear masks and shields (this is way out of control and it's a shame public officials who know this is a complete sham are cowards and don't speak out) regardless of their health situation.

This strikes me as discriminatory if not outright illegal. I will add it's immoral as well.

So my instincts about the company was right. They're rotten.

Then I come to learn COSTCO has strong ties to Bill Gates. His father sat on its board while its current CEO is connected to Gates. 

That may explain why they act the way they do. Gates needs the scam to keep going in order to justify the vaccine. 

The government and other questionable players have  thoroughly convinced people this virus is so dangerous it deserves masks.

At this point, with the lack of critical thinking coupled with fear, I'm not sure how we get off this cultish obsession now elevated to a superstitious level.

It is absolutely not rooted in much science.

The more honest doctors and expert who push for it will admit as such and say it's more precautionary than anything.

And so the question is: Why is it mandatory?


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