More Critical Thinking Questions

Stay at home orders are on the rise from criminal idiots pretending to be leaders.

What do the incompetent baboons say? It spreads INDOORS. What do the inept buffoons do? Tell people to stay home. It's either they're murderers or they're retards.


Mayors in the Laurentian want road blocks. At the moment what's happening is government's are pumping and peddling cases. This has people more afraid even though we saw the worse in the spring.

So despite the fact The Greatest Plague having an IFR in line with the flu people are tripling down on the hysterics.

Which means we're probably going to see the 'demic peter out because this madness can't sustain itself.

It's like watching people competing to take the red and blue pills at the same time.

Come on red pillers! We're counting on you!


Seen on tax dollars stealing CBC ticker: 2 cases reported in Nova Scotia. In-line with 7-day average.

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