When The Truth And Light Comes Out It Will NOT Be Enough To Say 'I Didn't Know'

I truly believe when we take stock of what we've done, history will record this as a medical catastrophe. The biggest in history. 

The question is, will the people have the courage and will to not forget but hold accountable all officials who perpetuated this assault on our lives including those who were silent and complicit.

This is serious. There's no end in sight with this madness. Masks, lockdowns etc. remain very much in the public dialogue despite the clear failures of such dubious and unscientific measures. 

Masks are turning out to be exactly what we've been saying all along: Useless and dangerous to the collective public health. 

I don't know what it will take for the public to continue listening to the obscene and appalling doomsday rhetoric of the Quebec, Ontario and Canadian governments.

The virus is here and not likely going anywhere. If we're going to be chasing variants for the rest of time, we may as well give up our rights; our lives.

Trade-offs. Think of them. They matter as we've been saying from the onset. We're not selfish for thinking of liberty and the big picture. The selfish ones are those completely ignoring the damage and destruction that is transpiring before our eyes.

This will be inescapable once we assess the mess.

Those who will say 'I didn't know' will be the same as those who said during the Nuremberg trials "we were just doing our jobs'. 

From the police who assault kids to Canadian Tire security guards attacking people with mask exemptions, to corporations, to epidemiologists and physicians, teachers, politicians, and everyone in between you are all COMPLICIT in this abhorrent situation.

Nor will '20/20 was hindsight' be accepted. We were warned from the beginning to not go down this route. Of course, we will see those who quietly accepted this madness also claim they were part  of the 'resistance'. It's WWII all over again. They want to believe they're in a war well there's your analogy.

You were fed propaganda and you ate it up choosing to suspend reason and perhaps courage for fear.

I want to see justice.



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