Quebec's Behavior Not Surprising

Canada's weakest link is the 'notwithstanding clause' in the Charter. It was an 'opt-out' clause devised as a concession to placate Quebec.

In hindsight, what Canada should have done is refuse and let Quebec go as a matter of principle because the clause not only diluted our rights it practically rendered moot making the government and not the people as final arbiters of our inherent rights. 

Consider it Quebec's gift to North America. Just read how a judge ruled against a plaintiff here to know how the province views civl rights and privacy

Guess which region in North America has imposed the most severe restrictions on the continent?

Quebec doesn't respect civil liberties. How can it given how it views rights judging by its actions?

Quebec always chooses the collective over the individual and as such it makes liberty secondary. You can't be both collectivist and free at the same time. 


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