We're In A Very Bad Place

There's a lot of confusion at the moment.

To those not paying attention, it makes them oblivious. This is a shame.

But to those of us who do, what's happening at the moment is troubling if not horrifying.

None of this can be construed as anything but mayhem and chaos.

It comes with the face of 'greater good' smiles but it isn't.

We have a medical tyranny unfolding before our eyes as well as a full frontal attack on freedom of speech through a virus called 'social justice'.

A double attack from the front and rear.

Right now we've taken a lot of casualties. We need to regroup. Alas, still people remain lulled into a state of atrophied apathy.  At the moment, you will hear 'I don't want to hear it'. This is frustrating. because we all know when the destruction is upon us and passes these same people will ask 'what happened?' and 'what do we do to make sure it never happens again?'

Well, fight it in the PRESENT. The Jews who remained in Munich realized too late what was happening. What do you think is happening here? There's a war that has been unleashed. It's in the cyber realm at the moment. It's a fight for your mind.

'Learn to see things in inverted perception. The people who claim 'misinformation' are the spreaders of it. The people who claim someone is 'seditious' are the seditious ones. Everything is coming from the left. All of it.

Think Barzini in The Godfather. 

The lines are drawn.


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