Quebec: Worst Place In North America

As it stands, Quebec is one of the worst places in North America and in the West when it comes to restrictions and the court system.

The courts are there to defend the rights of the people. But in a stunning decision, a judge threw out 14 claims against the Legault government including masks on children saying that though it may be true masks aren't effective, they have to be used because it's a health crisis. Essentially, what this gutless clown judge (and honestly, the whole system and institutions that produce these half-wits has to be gutted) said and ruled was the state can keep doing this indefinitely as long as they say it's a 'crisis'. Worse, logically, it goes as step further because it leaves the opening to do this during flu season.

The judge refused to look at the evidence presented which is stunning in of itself considering it came with expert testimony from Stanford's Dr. Jay Bhattachayra - one of the founders of The Great Barrington Declaration. Imagine that. One of the top epidemiologists, public policy expert and economists around is not good enough for Quebec. 

The precedences being set around the West is going to be catastrophic for democracy and liberty. And people just take it.

The damage to psyche and economy down is going to take years to repair - if at all.

Watch the response here.

Disheartening. It sealed my decision actually to move from here as soon as it's feasible. 


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