Cancerous Masks Used In Schools; Not A Fan Of Told You So, But Told You So

I'm not sure I can reach higher levels of anger than I am at the moment.

My utter disgust and disdain for all public officials has been made clear for the past year but it's reaching new heights with the call back of 'grey' masks IMPOSED on kids in schools determined to be cancerous.

What have I been saying for the past year? What have REAL PPE experts been saying? These stupid amulets are USELESS and potentially HARMFUL. I posted here about the carcinogenic materials that go into manufacturing masks. But the people were too gutless and accepted the lies and fear mongering to care. Apparently, Covid has displaced cancer as the biggest threat to us all.

This is where we're at as a society. Forcing kids to where cancerous masks that provide MARGINAL (if lucky) BENEFITS.

This is the trade-offs the criminal delinquents from Tam to Trudeau to Lecce to Williams to De Villa to Ford to Legault to Arruda and every one in between - especially the derelict media - who promulgated this nonsensical pseudo-science bull shit. What will it take for people to grasp they're being misled and that these horrible decisions can now actually hurt them MORE than Covid ever could?

How many more examples of 'the cure is worse than the disease' do we need? 

They're burning our society to the ground and showing no signs of relenting. Worse, now they want find ways to restrict your liberties on a potentially permanent basis. Nothing is as permanent as a temporary measure.

Now the narrative will be to double and triple down but parents who truly care need to call their schools and PRESSURE them. The unions need to face accountability for forcing masks on kids. The government as well. Do not accept 'nothing to see here' and 'we're changing companies'. The point is a) kids shouldn't be in masks and b) ALL masks are made with the same materials. They have no idea who these companies and labels don't come with 'ingredients' like they do food. We foolishly assume government bureaucrats are dutifully studying masks but nothing is further from the truth. This was just a government decree and we were forced into without any kind of consideration for overall public health. And you'd better think twice if the cretins mentioned above give one rat's ass about the health of your kids. This is all politics now. They're not going to do the right thing and put an end to the madness. They have a script and game plan to stick too and they 's'em calisse' as they say here. 

They have to keep you in fear. That's the strategy.

At the moment we have a burning economy, a caged up school system, nursing homes still not under control (because the idiot so-called leaders are wasting time and precious resources in all the wrong placed because they're incompetent buffoons too busy continuing a campaign of fear to get as many people vaccinated as possible) and a health care system that's about to be truly over whelmed in the fall and in the future due to delays.

As for the medical and science professions? It lays in tatters in my eyes. 

We made a catastrophic mess of things. All because we panicked and handed the keys to moronic physicians and wildly irrational epidemiologists as the media produced more fear porn than porn hub pimps out gangbangs.

Indeed, this was a gangbang on the people and our liberties.

In front leading the charged were the doctors and the coward leaders. Both used children as scapegoats.



We should all be angry, ashamed and disgusted.


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