Doug Ford Is Incompetent And Should Resign

In the clip Doug Ford admits leaders aren't going to stop listening to medical officers letting them dictate policy from behind the scenes.

So what is Ford and other leaders who are elected by the people good for then? To use the police to go ruin lives because the doctors - who quite frankly have been an abject and embarrassing failure. Yes, Doug  I based it on the crap spewed and the results I've determined using my own noggin. I don't listen to authority because they say so. People are fools for letting themselves be trapped in this manner -  made the hand gesturing motion to cut things off? What do these clowns care about overall public health right? No sense of common sense on any level. 

Are you this gutless and useless Doug?

Let me be frank with you and Francois, Doug. You're acting above the law without justification playing your part in history's greatest medical hysteria because you are both cowards. 

Open the provinces up you criminals. There's NO JUSTIFICATION for it. Not scientifically, legally or even morally. It's abhorrent and appalling what you have done and I bet and trust history will judge you clowns accordingly. All this is just being done 'because' and everyone is protecting their own asses. It has nothing to do with a damn virus and those of us informed know you all abandoned the country's official pandemic protocol pandemic handing your duties off like bozos to doctors who have no business being in this position of power. 

As for the doctors, they're the little trouble makes drunk on power we see in sci-fi dystopias that eventually get their comeuppance. I've not been impressed by ANY of them in this country.

If the whole lot of ya had a single sense of honesty, dignity, courage and respect for this country, you'd all damn resign. 



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