Quebec's Untenable Legal And Moral Position

Three things to my mind will stand out after this health panic passes. One, will be the psychological trauma unleashed on people via masks. Masks are problematic on multiple levels: They're ineffective pseudo-science, condition people to accept pseudo-science,  and remind them to remain in fear. One of the most irresponsible actions to inflict on people on these alone.  Essentially, at the moment, the way some officials are talking, the masks will linger for no apparent scientific reason other than because they say so. There is NO justification for this continued theatre particularly since the vaccines are in full motion and rolling-out. The United States is already reaching high levels while Canada is ramping up. 

The other will be the damage done to science. Throughout this ordeal, all people heard were a select view voices. Most notably here in North America Dr. Fauci from the CDC and of course Dr. Tam from PHAC in Canada. The other voices were the ones media allowed to speak and together they all gave the appearance of consensus to help herd people like sheep. But there were many, many dissenting views and quite frankly armed with more persuasive arguments. On year out, they've been battered and censored from social media and colleagues alike. Thankfully, they have persisted. As the dust clears, a serious introspection of this discipline must be conducted. It has become politicized and corrupted beyond recognition. 

Then comes the legal aspect. That is, what will be the fall out of leaders abusing their powers? 

In Quebec and Ontario, Legault and Ford have made a complete mockery of the laws they are bound to and the hallowed grounds of civil liberties people like them are entrusted. 

They broke this sacred covenant under the guise of an emergency public health crisis for the 'greater good'. But there are prescribed limits to how far a premier can go and they simply ignored and abused this privilege for several months now and showing no signs of relinquishing let alone relent the powers they illegal usurped from our laws.

The state of low affairs can't be ignored. The people are subjected to two leaders who have declared a medical tyranny while imposing dubious and possibly illegal edicts and measures all the while they ran afoul our the very laws that govern them!

To whit:

 « L’état d’urgence sanitaire déclaré par le gouvernement vaut pour une période maximale de 10 jours à l’expiration de laquelle il peut être renouvelé pour d’autres périodes maximales de 10 jours ou, avec l’assentiment de l’Assemblée nationale, pour des périodes maximales de 30 jours. Si le gouvernement ne peut se réunir en temps utile, le ministre peut déclarer l’état d’urgence sanitaire pour une période maximale de 48 heures. »

Au Québec, si l’Assemblée nationale ne peut déléguer ses pouvoirs législatifs, cela ne peut se faire que dans des limites raisonnables, rappelle l'avocat en citant l’arrêt de la Cour suprême du Canada dans Re George Edwin Gray, (1918).

« L’article 119, al. 1 L.s.p. ne prévoit aucun processus permanent de discussion, et outrepasse le principe d’un gouvernement responsable devant l’Assemblée nationale, a fortiori lorsqu’un état d’urgence sanitaire est déclaré pour une période maximale de 10 jours et renouvelé ad infinitum », indique-t-il dans sa requête.

That adds up to 42 days a leader has to manage an emergency. We're well past this and into 'what is reasonable?' territory. This is the part where they keep moving goal posts...overwhelming systems, variants, my dog ate my homework etc. Interestingly, measures during the Spanish flu laster six weeks. Or, 42 days. 

Of course, the words 'limited' and 'reasonable' have become nebulous and can be interpreted as 'infinite' or at least 'on-going until we feel like it' in the former  while the latter can sway as the social habits adapt and goal posts are moved. A combination of the two make it deadly for liberty and democracy. 

How is this remotely tolerated and left unchallenged? If anything Francois Legault is acting criminally and should send himself an emergency alert signal. It his actions that make him a threat to freedom. Not the virus. He's the cure being worse than the disease. 

In Quebec, it becomes more and more untenable to keep this going. It matters not that there are people still afraid who clamour for more restrictions. At some point, the sanctity and sanity of our freedoms and laws must prevail. It is as much a legal issue as it is a moral one.  As an aside, notice how Quebec is following Europe and not North America. Every single possible wrong move to me made, Quebec did it.

There are lawsuits that have been filed but the Premiers need to be called out. This has gone on way too long and now they worry is what precedent has been set and what are we going to do about it?

Now listen to how a real leader speaks. I recommend watching at least 50 minutes of it. It should anger people. Listen to De Santis closely. Then listen to how the clowns here in Canada and Quebec talk.


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