Fall Of Western Civilization Reason 3040450666

The world is filled with miserable narcissists blinded by their own sense of faux-righteousness.

Some guy named Charles M. Blow (Hard) - oh look, a black power identity politics writer for the New York Times. Give me a 'Tip toe to the window' Pepe chant! -  claimed Pepe Le Pew perpetuates rape culture.

I want even bother dissecting the spoof and plot because it's just too stupid. Anyone who deliberately ignores the fact Pepe is the butt end of the joke can't be taken seriously no matter how many 'likes' New York Times they get.

When you go after a cartoon character no longer part of contemporary character and created decades ago, I think the problem lies with you.

This dogmatic woke parasite infecting people's remedial minds is on a tear.

I have no idea how you stop it except to mock the people who push this disease.

It won't stop. The Flintstones, Bullwinkle and Rocky, The Jetsons....whatever...these sociopathic cranks ain't gonna stop.

You've been marked for death. 

The New York Times perpetuates hate culture. How's that?

I highly doubt Mr. Blow hard ever spoke of blackploitaton films.

Charles. Chooch. Shut up and get a life and a real job.

That's the only way I can respond to these stories now.

Oh. And follow all this sickness to its logical end.

Nothing is safe or sacred through the lenses of narcissistic righteousness and critical theory.

Not even the Sistine Chapel. Mark my words, it's coming.


*Alt. response.*

When we were kids at the mall my brother walked up to a kid and said, 'Hello. I'm Fifi from Montreal' (a line from the persistently daft Pepe Le Pew), The kid then whined to his mother, 'Mommy, mommy someone called me a Fifi.'

And so the circle of life continued.  

How we laughed and moved on. I can't image a life of always looking back resentful. Of imposing modern mores on dead ones to satisfy an empty intellectual disposition. It serves neither the past, present or future. It's frozen in time. Railing about it is akin to using a fork to try and crack that ice Pepe is stuck in. 

You're gonna live one helluva life sanitizing the past. 

hard hitting hot takes when you attack The Flintstones. That Joe Rockhead character always rubbed me the wrong way. What, with all that mystery. Had to be some kind of precursor to contemporary white supremacy dog whistling.

On a serious note, all you folks exhibiting the unconstrained vision of Rousseau and Godwin, you're gonna end up in a dead-end because sophistry eventually makes you dizzy with all its circular logic. 

These days, not even the Sistine Chapel is safe from the hysterical mob of masked up narcissists in false-virtue make up.


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