Quebec: A Laughing Stock

Quebec are masters at looking like jack asses on the continent.

If it's not idiotic language laws it's the insufferable excessive Covid restrictions. 

You know things are bad when you make Joe Rogan for the police antics and warrants while Dave Rubin mocks the curfews - and he's in Los Angeles!

My American friends like to tease me about whenever they feel things are bad in the States (and they're not that bad anymore save some spots and the masks)  they can look to Quebec and feel better. Another friend emailed us in the gang, 'How are things in Quebec?'

You mean, other than continued restaurant closures, the masks, masks on kids, no gatherings and warrants?

Great! We're led by a solid group of leaders.  

We always manage to become the butt end of jokes.

Of course, Quebecers will cry it's 'Quebec bashing' but stop doing stupid things and no one will bash you. 

My decision is made. Will leave this place eventually. 


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