Ask Yourself

Ask yourself.

If asymptomatic spread is rare and it's known healthy people should not be wearing masks, then why are you wearing one? For the highly low probability you *may* be the one with infected droplets that may or may not be stopped by a mask? The odds of masks doing anything are so low you're better off not wearing one because the ill-effects could be more costly. 

Moreover, children aren't vectors of the disease and aren't in danger of it. So again. Why are they in masks exactly? 

By that , I mean SCIENTIFICALLY. Not the usual run of the mill pseudo-science bull shit peddled by liars, control freaks, and pant shitters. 

The kids are the perfect demographic to get the society to herd but because we fucked them and locked down schools, now vaccines are being considered. A gross miscalculation we've made it would appear. 

Add that the evidence keeps mounting reinfection is not a concern and we do have lasting antibodies so....why again the rush for vaccines? 

Sure, use them - despite the lack of long-term data - but can we do so without the lies and theatre? We get it. Government's made their play with vaccines. Envelopes and cuts are being exchanged. 

And if your vaccinated, and the virus has a high survival rate and largely impacts ONE demographic in ONE setting despite the likelihood of reinfection is low and we have antibodies, why the abhorrent push for passports? 

Nothing is making sense in any of this. 

And you should be asking questions.

For those of you letting yourselves be extorted. Remember. Your trip to Jamaica can be deferred. Jamaica ain't going anywhere. Neither is your favourite singer who needs to tour. They need you more than your need them. Your liberty won't come back if you give into immediate self-gratification. It's very easy to push back and say no to this egregious violation of human rights. They're conditioning you to believe you're being selfish for thinking of your rights.


Your rights DO MATTER.

Fight and stand your ground. 


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