Francois Legault Continues His Reign Of Irrational And Anti-Science Terror

Legault has turned Quebec into a pariah.

Quebecers don't see it - apparently - but he has.

This province has the most excessive measures of any region in North America and among the worst in the West. Montreal is the ONLY major city in the west to still not permit in-house dining AND is the only city in the continent in a curfew. 

Cases and deaths have dropped everywhere on the continent and yet these buffoons  - and other brains dead clowns who support them mostly in media and some pundits - think our numbers dropped because of curfews.

It's worth mentioning in Nature a study shows - and there several like it - measures have a limited life span before they revert to limited impact. For example, you could see a drop in something but its effectiveness is limited - perhaps within two or three weeks - and bound to have no impact. So we may have seen cases drop during the curfew but now we've plateaued. Now what? 

Legault has this province running in direct opposition to UN and WHO conventions. Quebec literally undertakes measures that run against the grain of data and science! 

Today he obscenely double down on masks on kids - saying he 'believes' they work. I don't care what he 'believes'. I want to see him PROVE it and tell the public where he's getting his information - while not being able to explain why he has kept this stupid curfews in place.

The mask phenomena is something to behold. What was considered to be the weakest of the NPI has become the first line of defence. To believe masks work is to be ignorant and to enforce it is to maintain fear. There is nothing humane or compassionate in compulsory mask wearing. Compelling people - let alone children - into them is wrong on numerous levels as noted many times on this blog including the terrible message it sends, the fear factor and the potential harmful impacts including concern given they're made with carcinogens like polypropylene.  

Legault is just doing this because a) he can and b) he's probably an asshole.

Quebec may think itself proud and advanced, but they're a laughing stock and a pariah.

We're everything no one should ever emulate.

We're not a model. Do you see anyone copying us?

Of course not.

Because we're a laggard.

Mississippi North.

The Spain of North America.

And that's the damn truth. 

All I asked when this madness began was Quebec not become the worst place. I would be happy with middle of the pack.

Instead, I got the my worst nightmare.

We became 'that guy'. 

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