When Will Quebecers Wake Up?

Despite the province of Quebec being in a decent and stable situation, it is mired in an incoherent state of authoritarian existence with not just hard restrictions but the worst on the continent. Even within Canada, Quebec holds the torch for its excessiveness.

And its rhetoric isn't shifting which is equally troubling. 

The incompetent buffoons in power still speak as though it's March 2020. We're being told of this big bad third wave that's passing through yet cases remain stable, hospitalizations dropping, and deaths low as vaccinations are on-going. Once the most vulnerable are taken care of there is NO JUSTIFICATION for this continued idiocy.

Rather than lift the spirts of Quebecers we hear of stories of 35 cops raising a Tim Horton's parking lot where kids on the first day of beautiful weather after a long winter went hang out OUTSIDE and just have a doughnut. You know. Normal human existence. Instead, they were traumatized with $35 000 in fines. While the media called them 'crazy'.

NO. The crazy people are the journalists, editors, doctors and politicians dragging this madness on with their irresponsible, immoral and criminal rhetoric.

Truly despicable.

This is where we stand in Quebec.

It's not pretty. 

As for the this wave, Florida and Texas PROVE it's all bull shit.

Miami beach is wide open. But our kids can't hang out in a parking lot?

What the fuck is going on?


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