Something Very Sinister Is Going On

Europe has lost its mind.

They're gearing up to lockdown - again - despite the vaccines. Despite the facts I posted below in  previous post. Nothing is making any sense.

People simply aren't dying from it. There is no rhyme or reason to all this. By now, the old people should be firmly protected. The rest of life must go on.

Now they're coming for the children. As if they have destroyed a generation enough they want to senselessly inoculate them because natural herd immunity is a conspiracy theory now. 

They KNOW: Reinfection low, long lasting antibodies, kids not vectors.

 This is medical mayhem and criminality on a scale never seen. 

Who is pulling these sinister strings?

Cui bono?  

Remember. This isn't rational or science. It's pure chaos and hysteria. 

If you supported masks and lockdowns - and still do - you helped create this dystopian-like world.


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  2. One "goes along with" the facemask mandates for the same reasons one has to go along with any other kind of martial law mandate.

    Yes, I do quite sense that there's considerable wangling going on with A LOT OF things lately.
    Like, for example, when a clean, well-run/well-organized restaurant is suddenly shut down for no apparent reason while other comparable establishments are still "alive and well" and still in business, you have to figure some sort of "favoritism politics" might be at play.
    There's duplicity aloft everywhere, in all areas.

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