Legault's Character Equation

His incompetence is matched by his arrogance as it is his cruelty and egoism. 

As for Arruda, he failed in honouring the basic medical dictum of 'do no harm'. His lack of dignity and professionalism is matched by his aggressive tone and arrogance. 

These two have a population wallowing in fear and uncertainty because of their inability to accept humility succumbing to simple cynical political machinations.

They failed the public trust as they've frayed the economic and social order.


I'm starting to here excuses from people saying things like, 'what would you do better?' and 'hindsight is 20/20'. This is a preposterous (and dangerous) line of thinking because it will threaten if not diffuse any chance at investigating and finding the truth as to what happened and how they arrived at their decisions that were obviously flawed from the beginning. It is true 'all countries did this' but as pointed out, that group think and copying others isn't justified.

This blog alone has chronicled evens since Mach of 2020. There were plenty of poor decisions and obvious actions that were perplexing and borne from outright panic from the onset. 

For example, experts had warned to isolate the elderly with undying conditions from the onset astutely observing what happened in Europe. Instead, we ignored it and the result was pure mayhem whereby we used cruel and draconian one-size fits all measures assaulting a healthy population.

Lockdowns from the onset was known NOT to be the way to go. We're learning thanks to people like Lt. Col. Redman politicians were notified and warned about the measures they were about to take but ignored them. Dr. John Ioannidis from Stanford was also cautioning countries and appealing to calm from the onset. Economists warned lockdowns could be calculated into lives lost and that's what happened. Despite this, countries decided to let panic seize control and with it ceded public policy decisions to doctors. These were errors easily avoidable. Worse, now we're ignoring people pleading about not giving up on civil liberties through enormously problematic concepts of immunity passports.

We're on a very bad path.

So no. NO pass for the Canadian and Quebec governments.

They failed and now they must account. 




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