Reminder: Quebec Is A Black Mark In Canada

Remember, Francois Legault put this province in an unprecedented curfew - a first in Canadian history for an over blown hysteria called Covid-19.

Take a bow sir.

Do a pirouette if you must. Make your pathetic victory dance to the lap dogs in the media. Howl to the wind! 

A man of liberty he claims but has Quebecers under house arrest.

And mask children not because he's a man of morals and science. 

But because he can. 

Such an ego. Bigger than a black hole.

And he lies. Oh does he lie to a population. But they still throw roses at his feet. Give us more suppression sir! It is you and only you who can stop this virus! 

Go to him media. Bow. Kiss is little toes. Gutless journalists playing a secondary role in a terrible play can do no better. Now go shine shoes.

You ask about educators? Ha! You think unions care for children? They called for this mask compulsion. Police are all too glad to abdicate their duty to the Charter and follow illegal decrees like good little soldiers. Must protect those pensions! Children and rights be gone! 

Just doing their jobs, eh?

Where are the damn heroes in Canada? Where are the lions? 

What did you expect from a country with a Maple Leaf as its symbol? A nation so aimless in its false virtue it can't even see the saps they've become. 

The curfew was supposed to be for 30 days. It has been over 60 now. It's what disingenuous cowards do.

Sting people along with lies.

What of their body language? Isn't it obvious? They're clowns. Observe them. They know they're deceivers playing politics.

Do you not see? Are you this sad in fear? Atrophied minds are not a way to live in a democracy.

Oh this is a democracy? Not anymore it is. And it will only regain its integrity if these men face justice. 

He's 'c'est moe le boss' type we've all seen. One big Dunning-Kruger effect with a massive ego.

Yes, my North American friends, I concede.  We are a black mark on a country. His cognitive dissonance is such that while he has Quebecers trapped, he talks about freedom. 

I never thought I'd witness such a despicable nightmare.

And by that, I don't mean the virus.

This man is worse than the virus itself.

Quebec is rewiring the psyche of Quebecers. The consequences will linger for years.

How will they get away with this?


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