Before You Do

It's important to contextualize and understand before you consent to anything.

Ask yourself, is all this talk about vaccine passports justified? This virus will become endemic - if it already isn't - and become part of life like countless other viruses. Do I want to give up my persona health rights for this? For a virus that overwhelmingly preys on the elderly over 75 years old and with an underlying condition? The rest of society is more than capable of handling this virus through innate immunity - and sure vaccines. 

Look at the statistical probabilities. Do you want to waste another single moment cowering in fear behind masks anymore? Why would you?

As for the masks, if you wear one and believe you didn't get sick is because of masks best to remember we're in a low prevalence environment. Meaning, the odds are you weren't going to get sick without one anyway.

Learn cause and effect; causation and correlation.

It's what's going to keep you FREE and SANE. 


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