Medical Crooks Abound

 Follow the money with the vaccines.

It shouldn't surprise anyone if the alarmism on display from public health officials is ridden with conflicts of interests. 

Dr. Eileen De Villa is the new face of panic driven rhetoric about Covid. The 'people's doctor' as the Toronto Star described her in a propaganda puff piece, is just your run of the mill medical shyster.

She has the city of Toronto in lockdown while - KA-CHING!

They're all looking to score off the vaccines.

It's pretty amazing people still buy into the lie. 

They're all crooks and they're all criminals.

They will lie about masks working and they will lie about the true extent of the threat because it promotes fear and fear means more jabs and more jabs means more champagne bottles popping for the pill popping doctors. 

They found their recipe. 

The only way out of their medical tyranny is to STOP listening to them. 

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